Entrepreneurship, Scholarship and Community Service Camp

Core_Of_Three_Strands.jpgCore of Three Strands:

Entrepreneurship, Scholarship and Community Service Camp

For Homeschoolers ages 6 to 19

Three vital threads in one life-changing camp! Only camp this year in San Jose!

Set aside one week in October!

This hands-on entrepreneurship, scholarship and community service camp launches youth as young entrepreneurs, helps earn college scholarships and develops community changers.

Your return on investment (ROI) will be exponential as this week teaches youth how to create their own source of income, earn free money for college, and give young people a heart for their community.

ROI is in the numbers!

The potential college scholarships your child could win may surpass $100,000.

Businesses? They could amass $1000’s in savings to help pay for a car, insurance, clothes, activities, expenses, and more.

Community service projects? It could help them secure multiple scholarships.


Robin coached Janita’s daughter, who had a high school GPA of 3.62 and an ACT score of 22, to over $150,000 in college scholarships based on entrepreneurship and community service.

24 hours of instruction with three experts is a great investment of time, energy and resources!


“As a single parent, your class was invaluable and helped our three daughters attend college debt free.”   K. Prill


“You need to teach this class to every high school student in our country.”   J. Schrock



Robin Phipps, One Million Dollar Scholarship Coach, former home school mom and entrepreneur;


Janita Pavelka, Award-winning Entrepreneurship Educator, Author, home school mom and entrepreneur;


Christian Pavelka, Serial Entrepreneur since the age of six, home school graduate, and entrepreneur;


All three instructors will be flying in from Nebraska to conduct the camp for one week in October. The only time it is happening this year!


“WOW! What a great camp. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to see you in action. You are an amazing teacher. What a impact you have made!”   Lisa


“Thanks again for your great energy, creativity and interactive program. We had the best camp ever. The most kids (25) with the most positive reviews.” Shawn



$205.00 (Early Bird Rate) for the Core of Three Strands six-day camp featuring entrepreneurship and community service, which is the key to scholarships and grants.  (Family discount of $10.00 per sibling.) $195.00



By September 19th to reserve your spot in the camp and to secure the Early Bird rate.

Parents are encouraged to attend, especially the scholarship segments of the camp.

Your event URL is http://www.eventbrite.com/e/core-of-3-strands-entrepreneurship-scholarship-community-service-camp-tickets-27657463217



Monday – Friday, October 10 – 14th

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 12:30-4:30 PM
Wednesday and Friday 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Entrepreneurship Expo: Saturday  10:00 AM -12:00 PM Location (Tbd)

Camp Location:

SpiderSmart Learning Center of Cupertino

10601 South De Anza Blvd. Suite 213
Cupertino, CA 95014
Phone: 408-800-7113
Email: cupertino@spidersmart.com


“You helped make the impossible possible with both of our son’s college costs.” F. Meier


“I had no idea there were that many scholarships available and waiting to be tapped into.” D. Hartman


or more information:

Or Anh Colton, local homeschooling mom at acolton1124@yahoo.com or #408-290-9616

Janita Pavelka, Instructor at janitapavelka@gmail.com or #308-995-1015


“I was pumped to expand into larger service projects and earning a national award was a great surprise!” T. Tacha


“I was blown away with your depth of knowledge and proven results.” K. Fitzgerald


Camp Description:


Entrepreneurship… Is About DOING


Do you enjoy not flowing with the status quo? Questioning why? Are passionate about your ideas? Are you unconventional, resilient and like to hustle? If you are a person of action who likes new ideas, are tenacious and diligent, then this camp would be a good fit! (And if not, after camp you will be!) Janita and Christian Pavelka will guide you in acquiring the creative entrepreneurial mindset, researching successful young teen entrepreneurs, learning the business basics, being influenced by local entrepreneurs, and debuting your new business at an Expo on Saturday, October 15, 2016. You will leave with an entrepreneurial mindset and with the confidence to start more sustainable businesses. Learn how being a young entrepreneur can change your mindset, bank account, and your future!


 Scholarship… An Insider’s SECRETS


What if you had the secrets to winning scholarships? Would you tell the world or keep it to yourself? Robin Phipps, an accomplished scholarship coach and former guidance counselor has the insider’s secrets, and fortunately, she’s spilling everything she knows. Why? Robin has a heart to help young people follow their dreams. She has personally helped students win over one million dollars in scholarships. She teaches students and parents to work together for maximum gain. Learn the secrets to obtaining grants and scholarships. This upbeat, interactive class will open your eyes, motivate you, answer your questions and equip you to run the scholarship race. Hands-on activities will jump start students on their scholarship search. With college tuition increasing annually, this class is one you can’t afford to miss out on!



Community Service…Ignite ACTION


Throw your pebble into the water and watch the ripple it creates. That’s exactly what happens in this unique training. Prepare to discover hundreds of service project ideas, engage in hands-on activities, and acquire launching techniques. Students will be equipped to conduct weekend service projects, keys to expand into launching larger projects, and will take part in a LIVE service project to positively impact their community. They will gain a wealth of knowledge while absorbing life skills, such as: character, responsibility, compassion for others, trustworthiness, and a strong work ethic. Robin has helped countless kids earn state and national community service awards and will share how you can, too. This training will pay great dividends throughout a student’s life and is guaranteed to change lives!




“My boys have conducted two large service projects and were rewarded with state awards.” J. Langmeier






janita.jpgJanita Pavelka, an award-winning Entrepreneurship Educator believes youth who develop businesses master real-life skills that can only be gained by doing, as “entrepreneuring” is a verb! She has launched over 350 young entrepreneurs and authored a book, “Start Young, Start Small: The ABC’s & 123’s of Owning a Business by the Age of Six” which tells the story of her own children as they all were entrepreneurs by the age of six.

Janita has degrees in Social Work, Psychology and Education, which make her a highly relational and sought-after educator, workshop presenter, and speaker for the last 26 years.     When not working in her own businesses, coaching others, or fueling her four entrepreneurial children’s businesses, Janita can be found spending time with her husband and family on their Old MacDonald’s farm in south central Nebraska.



robin.jpgRobin Phipps is a mover & a shaker with a passion for kids. She believes community service is the key to developing character. Her energy, forward thinking and unique ideas are appreciated by all ages. Robin delights in mentoring youth with service projects and equipping them to make a positive impact on their communities. She helped youth earn over one million dollars in scholarships that equipped them to pursue their educational goals virtually debt free. Robin knows where & how to find scholarships, has application insights, is a wealth of knowledge, and provides motivation to persevere on the scholarship search. Faith, family and friends are her treasures. She strives to apply the quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Robin owns and operates a landscaping company, is a former home-school teacher, and works as a prevention coordinator.



christianChristian Pavelka is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business when he was six years old. He and his siblings have been featured on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines, at state fairs and conferences. He started with puppet shows and lemonade stands, but now owns distribution and travel businesses. The 12 businesses he owned in the last 14 years have not all been successful, but all were valuable learning experiences. Christian has four siblings, was home schooled and raised in the city and in the country. He decided city living was the place to be and after high school he moved back to Omaha, NE where he is pursuing his newest business venture. He loves to combine his vocation with traveling, extreme sports, playing guitar and youth. The highlight of his summer was working with the young people at the City of Hope in Jamaica.




“You did an outstanding job instructing the Biz Kidz camp! Your energy and positivity is inspiring. You really seem to love what you do, which is so great to see. I heard many good comments from both the parents and students.” Aliese



“Robin was so motivated by your camp. Something ‘clicked’ inside of her and she was ‘hooked’ as she is a hands-on learner. You have a gifting and need to teach this entrepreneurship camp to every child.”   Mitch


Register: Your event URL is http://www.eventbrite.com/e/core-of-3-strands-entrepreneurship-scholarship-community-service-camp-tickets-27657463217


 For more information:

Or Anh Colton, local homeschooling mom at acolton1124@yahoo.com or #408-290-9616


Janita Pavelka, Instructor at janitapavelka@gmail.com or #308-995-1015





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